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No Social Tact

Make it hurt...

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Tell a lie to anyone. Let it grow, nurture it-allow it to be the single most important thing in someone’s life. Make them need your lie, but never you. Stay involved but remain emotionally in control. Let it come crashing down in a moment of paralyzing ecstasy. All those dirty little lies you speak, all the blatant truths. It’s just for the better.

The goal of this community is a dare. Tell a lie and document its growth. Photographs pay stubs, tickets; condoms…post it all in relevance. I am going to post two examples of my past rendezvous’ just as soon as I am done with another matter. It can be a marvelous thing to do, try it. It is better when you are out of your comfort zone.
"love", a downpour of sweat, aim chats, awful lies, being caught, being uncomfortable, casual sex, changing, details, fake french, filthy empathy, firetruck red lipstick, first with your hands, haligh haligh a-lie haligh, irrationality, lies, mouths, notebooks, secret vocabularies, sensuality, strength, the gift of fear, then with your mouth